Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And So the Blog Begins

My summer begins when H&R Block work and seminary teaching ends. So, goodbye bosses--Don (upper left), Charlotte (upper right) and Jennifer (lower right)!!!!! (Sorry, no pictures of seminary class).

You can thank Janelle's patience, she bugged me longest to make a blog. She is here helping me!

Keith and Janelle were the first visitors of the summer season, the beginning of May. They were on their way to Dallas for Keith's internships with two law firms they are considering working for when he finishes his last year of Law School next April. the great news they brought with them was: "We are expecting"!!--November 19th They brought out this picture when Janelle was on her second bowl of icecream--"Well, I am eating for two..." We were SOOOOOOOO happy for them.

Janelle is already changing--she even agreed to play Chicken Foot!

The summer of 2007 continued with a visitfrom Brian and Veronica and Lance and Spencer the end of May. They were enroute from Utahto Boston, MA--he started an MBA at MIT the beginning of June.

Ed (Opa) finally had a playmate.

We went to the park near our home with Lance and Spencer.

How good to see this familiar sight again! Spencer being a boy with his train.
Oma prepared for the visits by investing at a garage sale:

Opa proceeded to get the airplane kite stuck in the first tree by where we first launched "Redwing". Boy, can this thing fly!

The next batch of visitors headed a whole bunch of visitors as we met for Doug's birthday the very end of May. First Doug and family from Ohio, then Beepaw and Bill from Colorado, then Shauna (moving from Arizona to Boston as well), then Janelle and Keith up from Dallas town.

Happy Birthday, Doug! He wanted chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and that is what he got.

Some of us girls went on a special outing--to a tea party!!

We had a wonderfully fancy lunch with little demi-tasse cups of herb teas...and then we found the hat locker to find hats to dress up with!

Okay--enough for blogging lesson number one, I will be back! ???